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Resonance Fm interviewer for Lucy Hutson

8th Dec 2019

An hour radio show interviewing Live artist Lucy Hutson about their latest performance and film work.

Performing 6 Broken songs at Giswil International performance art festival

11th - 16th Sep 2019

6 Broken songs will be performed alongside other artists such as Stuart Brisley, Brian Patterson, Bruno Jakob & Hans Witschi and Anne Rochat & Sarah Anthony.

Presentation and performance for Surgery, care and emotions conference at Roehampton university

8th September

Presentation and performance of Cyster- Act texts as part of the history of Emotions Research group - Surgery and emotions 3 day conference .

Cyst-er Act in The List's top ten performance art shows going to Edinburgh 2019

July 2019

Cyst-er act act is in The List's top ten performance art shows going to Edinburgh 2019...alongside Shit Theatre, Louise Orwin, Lucy McCormick and Cade and MacCaskill.

Cyst-er Act at Summerhall

13th-25th Aug 2019

Cyst-er Act will be at Summerhall for the Edinburgh festival Fringe 2019. 

Preview- 13th August

Run- 14th-18th Aug

20th-25th Aug

12.05pm each day. 

Demonstration room, venue 26.

Keep the door to my lips at the Stephen Lawrence gallery

11th July 2018 - 16th August 2019

The film version of Free lunch with the Stenchwench will be on display at the 'Keep the door to my lips' exhibition, focusing on the British work woman and contemporary artists. Curated by Connie Gallagher and Prof. Andrew King from Greenwich university.

Private view: 11th July 6-9pm

Alongside the exhibition there will be part of a panel on the 25th July featuring participating artists and University of Greenwich academics. The talk will focus on working class representation in the arts and how 'working class' work has/hasn't changed between Victorian Britain and the present day

The participants:

Marissa - Representative from The Voice of Domestic Workers

Zehana Raman

Dr Joyce Jiang

Chaired by Deborah Canavan - expert on The British Workwoman


5th July 2019

Sex music will be at Knickerbocker club night at The Yard, Hackney wick,

Sex Music at Salty! Folkesone

15th June 2019

Sex Music will be part of the line up for Salty! 

9pm-1am | Salty: Queer Performance Party

Secret Folkestone Location (very close to Creative Quarter)

Cabaret-style performances from some of the most exciting queer artists working in the South East and beyond.

Featuring live performances from Sex Music, Ginny Lemon and Miss Di Vour.

Tickets: £6/4

Soup Opera at Knotty festival, Folkestone

15th June 2019

Soup Opera - the return of episode one- The coriander crisis (why do you always have to leave?) in flat B with Ernst Fischer and Andre Verissimmo as part of Knotty festival of performance. 



Free but Booking required:

Relax on the sofa (+ a few additional chairs) as the heated Soup Opera unfolds in the kitchen of flat B. There will be songs, food and of course domestic tension to slurp up.

Part of Knotty day-long festival of performance:

Knotty festival, Hastings

30th May 2019

Whatever happened to the Glory Days at the White Rock theatre, Hastings as a double bill with Katy Baird to open the Knotty festival 2019. 

Sex Music at the Poli Rock show, Margate

19th April 2019

Sex Music will play at the Poli rock show hosted by Pink suits at the Tom thumb theatre, Margate. 

Making an Exit, Chisenhale Dance Space

29th March 2019

Whatever happened to the Glory days as part of the 24 hour event to mark Brexit. 

From the morning of March 29th to the morning of March 30th, a 24-hour celebration of the arts will mark the planned exit from the EU.

This marathon of art will open and close with a breakfast, framing 24 hours of history. Join us and feast your senses on 24 encounters, provocations, events and surprises in between these ceremonial gatherings.

Curated by Chisenhale Dance Space members Antigone Avdi, Antonio de la Fe, Rachel Gomme, Timothy Trimingham Lee and Danai Pappa, Making an Exit will feature a dazzling range of creativity, mapping space and time through transformation, communion, invention and play.

Ten tips on being feckless and poor screening at Strangelove festival

20th March 2019

Ten tips on being feckless and poor will be screened as part of the Strangelove time based media festival in Folkestone.

Part of a focus on Kent short films.

Gynie hubs

2nd March-12th April 2019

Delivery of Gynie hubs in various locations in the UK for women who want to share their experiences of gynae health in a safe space in order to be listened to, to seek and give advice to each other and to embody a sense of knowledge for our own bodies.

Dates and locations:

2nd March- Folkestone Quarterhouse 

5th March- The Haggerston pub with the Dalston darlings women’s group

12th March- Roost restaurant in Margate

3rd April 2018- 4Women Resource Centre in Norwich with 4Women (Criminal justice group)

11th April - One Colchester Shop with Community 360 Women’s Group (General community group with mental health referrals).   

Cyst-er Act Spring tour

11th March- 17th April 2019

A messy, musical ritual - Madame Ovary meets The Devils - probing into reproductive mishaps and monstrosities. 

What is it like to have your fallopian tube hacked off? Or to give birth to a 10lb cyst baby? The realm of the womb can be complex and bloody awesome…

Sunday 10th March, 5.30pm 

Quarterhouse Folkestone

Pay what you decide


Saturday 16th March, 4pm

POW! Turner Contemporary Margate

£6 in advance/£8 cash on the door

Wednesday 3rd April, 7.30pm 

Artsadmin London

£12/£10 concession

Wednesday 10th April, 8pm 

Norwich Arts Centre

Pay what you can afford


Wednesday 17th April, 8pm 

Colchester Arts Centre

Pay what you can afford

Find out more about the show

Salty! Hastings Xmas special

14th Dec 2018

Presenting a Xmas special act for Salty! Live art cabaret night at The Printworks, Hastings alongside Rosana Cade, Lennie/Panic Lab Last Yearz Interesting Negro with Rowdy SS and Kevin Le Grand Bailor. Plus a very unique DJ set from Adam Frost.

Artists talk at Middlesex university

21st Nov 2018

 An artists talk to 3rd year BA fine art students on Hoffmann's performance practise to date.

Metal bursary

15th-19th Nov 2018

Metal has awarded Catherine a bursary to visit Dadafest and Homotopia 2018 in Liverpool.

Threads salon at Turner contemporary gallery, Margate

28th October 2018

New material exposed for the Threads salon at The Turner contemporary gallery in Margate. These Salons are discussion led events where the selected artists will present their work, followed by a question and answer session with the audience and panel of experienced creatives. 

International artist devlopment fund awarded

6th Oct- 10th Nov 2018

The British council and Arts council help artists collaborate with other countries and forge international contacts, and have awarded Catherine with a IADF grant to visit:

The City of Women festival in Llubjiana, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Schwankhalle in Bremen, the IETM plenary meeting in Munich and Sophiensaale in Berlin. 


Written contribution for Daylight newspaper, The Wellcome collection

October 2018

Text written for Cyst-er Act will be featured in the Daylight newspaper as part of the Daylighting project run by Madeleine Hodge, Amy Sharrocks and Claire Qualmann. The edition traces a female and more than female view of health from the archive.

Daylighting is a four-day programme of events exploring the interconnections of art, activism, performance, politics, health and print, with a live printing workshop, discussions, readings and collective writing.

All the events will consider how we can challenge existing archives and systems of knowledge, change narratives and amplify new voices. At Daylighting's core is the production of DAYLIGHT, a collaborative artwork in the form of a newspaper that explores the presence of women through their art, thinking and speculations.

Book launch and performances for To you to you to you love letters to a post Europe

Oct 4th - Nov 11th 2018

Texts and images from Whatever happened to the Glory days performed at Bios, Athens for the 2 day art and performance event - To you to you to you Love letters to a post Europe in Oct 2015 have been collated into a book edited by Lisa Alexander and published by LADA and Unbound. 

To accompany the book performances of Whatever happened to the Glory days will be taking place at Artsadmin 5th Oct, Edgehill Arts centre, 17th Oct and Performance Space on the 11th November alongside other artists including Daniel Oliver, Robin Deacon, Ivana Meuller, Florence Peake and Tim Etchells.

Wombmanifesting kitchen at Coastal currents festival

28th September 2018

Wombmanifesting kitchen will be presented as part of  The first Home Live Art Salon in Hastings for the Coastal currents festival.

Over the course of one evening performances will take place in front of an audience in different spaces inside a regular house. Each individual performance will be made specifically for space within the home providing the perfect opportunity for us to come together for dialogue, performance and pleasure in the intimate setting of a local Hastings home.

Featuring live presentations from Florence Peake, Catherine Hoffmann, Rocío Boliver, Lucy Hutson and Nando Messias.

Cyst-er Act excerpt at Unlimited festival, Southbank

6th September 2018

Cyst-er Act will be presented as part of the Space in between programme produced by Metal within Unlimited festival at the Southbank centre. 

Sex Music at Byline Festival

24th August 2018

Sex Music (collboration with Florence Peake) will appear at Byline festival 2018.

Interview in Let's Get classy LADA publication by Kelly Green

July 2018

As part of the Restock, rethink, reflect programme at LADA Kelly Green has made a study guide and toolkit in relation to live art, class and cultural privilege.

There is an interview with Catherine and Kelly and The Ten tips on being feckless and poor are shared for the toolkit publication too.

Hard copies printed by Unbound books.

A dandy minion for Taylor Mac's show at The Barbican

28th-30th June 2018

Catherine will appear as a dandy minion as part of Taylor Mac's epic show - A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act part of LIFT festival 2018.

Soup Opera at the Open Quarter

23-24th June 2018

Flat B will be open for a Soup Opera with Ernst Fischer and Andre Versimmo. Half an hour show- 6pm each night.

Episode one - The coriander crisis (why do you always have to leave?) 

Relax on the sofa as the 'Soup Opera' unfolds in the kitchen of flat B. There will be songs, food and of course domestic tension to slurp up.

First Bites of Cyst-er Act at Ovalhouse

7th-9th June 2018

A work in progress sharing of a new piece of work- Cyst-er Act - written about Cath's personal experience of having an ovary removed and the discoveries of other women's womb difficulties. We'll attempt to uncover lost knowledge about women's bodies and how these womb things occur through gospel, ovary blues and death metal musical numbers.


Joined on stage stage by her 'Poly-Cysters', Sarah Jane Grimshaw and Amanda Radix, directed by JanWillem Van den Bosch and with costumes by Jack Goode, Cyst-er Act will shine a light on the little talked about issues around the realms of the womb and when things can go awry. Commissioned by Metal and Ovalhouse with support from the Arts council of England.

Free Lunch with the StenchWench at Common people festival, CPT

26th -27th April 2018

Free Lunch with the StenchWench will be presented as part of the working class festival of theatre - Common People at Camden People's Theatre.

Hypatia journal features Free Lunch with the StenchWench

March 2018 onwards

Dr Alexandra Kokoli Head of Visual Arts in Middlesex university and author of The feminist uncanny, has written a 12 page article about Free Lunch with the StenchWench for Hypatia journal on feminist philosophy.

 'Free Lunch with the Stench Wench: Toward a Synaesthetics of Poverty and Shame in Catherine Hoffmann's Performance' will feature in Volume 33, Issue 3 Special Issue: Gender and the Politics of Shame, Summer 2018

Mabe jumping is enough screening at LADA

2nd Dec 2017

The film made from the Human Flea circus residency at ARC, Stockton (sep 2017) - Maybe Jumping is enough will be screened at LADA alongside other presentations of DIY lead artists projects.

Part of LADA live online series:

Conference Narrating Home in Visual Arts Through an East West divide, Södertörn University and Modern Museum, Stockholm

24th Jan 2018

Dr Alexandra Kokoli will be presenting a paper on 'The StenchWench as failed hostess in capitalism’s housing crisis'  for the Conference Narrating Home in Visual Arts Through an East West divide.!/p3/ext/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=sh_konferens_1_sv_1505491640920

METAL southend residency with Welly O Brien

11th Dec-15th Dec 2017

A weeks residency to work on new solo work Cyst-er Act at Chalkwell Hall alongside dancer Welly O Brien.

SEX MUSIC at Duckie

11th Nov 2017

SEX MUSIC will play at Duckie, at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern alongside Katy Baird. 

These Tender Alms film at The Queering Ritual confernce at York university

4th Nov 2017

These Tender Alms as a short film will be shown at The Queering Ritual conference at York University curated by Clare Hind.

Soup kitchen for The Soul at Chisenhale dance space

7th Nov 2017

 Soup Kitchen for the soul sessions for artists to chat about their struggles with soup and bread.

Withnail and I redux with Shit Theatre


Danny will be played as a cameo part for Richard Dedomenici's redux of Withnail and I - the all female version with Shit Theatre. Premiere at The C Art festival, Cumbria.

Forest Fringe last Edinburgh waltz

11th August 2017

Forest Fringes last waltz at the Cameo Cinema after ten years at the Edinburgh Fringe along side Shit Theatre, Double Pussy Clit Fuck, Ira Brand, Louise Orwin and others. 

A human flea circus 3 day residency with the StenchWench LADA DIY hosted by Arc, Stockton

28th - 30th September 2017

A three day residency at The Arc in Stockton for struggling artists to swap surival tips, come together for nourishment and celebration of human existence with the aim to create a human flea circus.

The deadline for applications is Mon 19 June at 12noon.

Funded by LADA

Sex Music at Latitude with Forest Fringe

14th July 2017

Sex Music will play a set as part of the Forest Fringe curated space in the forest on Friday night late.

Hot Dates with the Past at The Red Lodge

30th June-1st July 2017

The grand Elizabethan Red Lodge Museum will once again be transformed into a dating site, taking inspiration from chats on dating apps, secret histories and fantasies that reveal all.

The lodge will become sites like Tinder, Grinder, Scruff or Guardian soul mates. Will you be swiping left or right as you move from banqueting hall to bedchamber?

Will you find love in a portrait or amongst fellow guests?

Join us for two steamy nights as we weave through the truths and fictions of dating history with artists Tom Marshman, Timberlina and Catherine Hoffmann.

A pop-up bar will be available, for your pleasure!

In association with Bristol Musems, Bristol Pride and Beacons Icons and Dykons.

Development lab at Metal residency in Southend

13th -16th June 2017

Selected to be part of a four day development lab at METAL in Southend with six other artists. I will be exploring new material in relation to the sick body and female ageing.

Sex Music at London Topophobia

15th June 2017

Sex Music will be playing at London Topophobia at The Total Refreshment centre in Dalston. Details to follow

Peopling the Palace(s) Festival – How not to pass in the arts: A Long Table on Diversity and Self-presentation/preservation

6th June 2017

'Ten Tips on being Feckless and Poor...' and excerpts from Free Lunch with the StenchWench will be played as a provocation for Daniel Oliver's Long table at Queen Mary University London:
Situations arise in the arts in which we suspect we are passing ourselves off as something we are not. This is an opportunity to discuss diversity in the performance and art world and the provocations, politics and pleasures of these experiences of ‘passing’. It will include a series of short provocations including Dushant Patel on queerness and race, Catherine Hoffmann on class, and Daniel Oliver on neurodiversity.
For more info:

An extra date for Free Lunch with the Stenchwench at The Wardrobe Theatre

6th June 2017

For one night only Free Lunch with the StenchWench will be at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, 8pm. Only £6 for a ticket.

Sex Music at Cardinal Burns comedy night, The Moth Club, Hackney

11th May 2017

Sex music will play a ten minute set at Cardinal Burns comedy night alongside Cardinal Burns and
- Natasia Demetriou
- Tom Davis
- Dan Renton-Skinner
- Lolly Adefope

Awkward Bastards II symposium, The MAC, Birmingham

23rd March 2017

StenchWench will deliver a 5 mins provocation for the Awkward Bastards symposuim organised by Dash Arts and LADA and at The Mac in Birmingham.

Free Lunch with the StenchWench Tour

22nd March- 26th April 2017

Free Lunch with the StenchWench will be on the road at various venues throughout the UK:

Live Arts Bistro, Leeds, Wednesday 22nd March, 8pm​

Mac, Birmingham, Thursday 23rd March, Awkward Bastards symposium

Camden People’s Theatre, London, Thursday 30th March – Saturday 1st April, 7.15pm

Buzzcut festival, Pearce Institute, Glasgow, Friday 7th April

Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, Wednesday 19th March, 8pm

Colchester Arts Centre, Wednesday 26th April, 8pm

Free chat with the StenchWench on Resonance FM - International Womens day Special

8th March 2017

Shoestring Performance maker Catherine Hoffmann will be nattering to fellow commoner Tom Marshman for a StenchWench related international women's day special. They will be diving into a jumble sale of thrifty subjects based loosely on her Ten tips on being feckless and poor whilst pretending not to be; including - how to wear the right clothes, getting up the duff, fleas, smells, poverty porn, being a winner, avoiding self destruction and how to hang around art galleries with confidence when broke. 

Hoipolli tracks such as 'The wage don't fit' by Sleaford Mods and 'Livin' on the edge' will be played in between chat. Other tracks from PJ Harvey, X-Ray Specs, Janis Joplin, Billy Bragg and Miriam Makeba.

SEX MUSIC at ProperGanda cabaret

3rd March 2017

SEX MUSIC will be performing along with other acts for the ProperGanda performance night at The Others, 6-8 Manor road, Stoke Newington.

SEX MUSIC at Tits and Tinsel

16th December 2016

SEX MUSIC (with Florence Peake) will be playing at the LIVE ART christmas party of the year alongside Joshua Sofaer, Sean Caton, Lucy McCormick, Tom Marshman, Tim Spooner, Hester Chillingworth, and more.

Carneskys finishing school, The old Foyles building, Soho

These Tender Alms at Spill Festival, Ipswich

29th October 2016

These tender alms in collaboration with Lesley Ewen will be on at Ipswich town hall as part of Spill festival. 

Playing about in drag, things may go wrong things may collapse;

A curious concert. Absurd cover songs arranged to reveal. Odd rituals made to make meaning. Food for thought from the corner shop. Dissonant personae, displaced, searching for an outlet.

Wombmanifesting kitchen at Steakhouse Live festival, Toynbee studios

17th October 2016

Florence Peake will be collaborating again to provide wombmanifesting kitchen at The Steakhouse live festival- LONGER FASTER AND WETTER. 

Come and enjoy food inspired by the many functions and adventures of the womb and its reproductive cycle. We will manifest a menu straight from the birth canal onto your plate, taste menstrual soup or placenta pancakes followed by a hot flush shot.

Excerpts from Glory Days and Sex Music at Cheeseburger salon at Aces and Eights bar

17th September 2016

Excerpts from Glory Days as well as airing new material with Florence Peake from new band SEX MUSIC. A night of live music, acts and Cheeseburger finishing the night, compered by James Kelsey Fry.

Madame EX will be appearing at Live Art market, Walthamstow

September 1st 2016

Live Art Market - A series of free Live Art events for women 16-19 years in and around the The Drive and Atlee Terrcae estates, Walthamstow.  Curated by Katy Baird and Drawing Shed will feature live artists, Catherine Hoffmann, Jamila Johnson Small, Ria Hartley and Katy Bird herself. All day 2-6pm.

An elegy to the medium of film at Wooran foundation, Korea

18th July- 28th July 2016

 With Lundhal and Seitl in 'An elegy to the medium of film' at The Wooran foundation, Korea.

Soup Kitchen for the Soul at Latitude Festival

14-16th July 2016

Soup kitchen for the Soul at the Home Live Art exchange at Latitude festival for two days. An interactive piece for two strangers to share their resources with each other over bread, soup and songs.

Voicings with Florence Peake at Wysing Polyphonic Festival

2nd July 2016

Cath will be chanelling the voice of Esther Hicks for Florence Peake in her performance 'Voicings' at Wysing Polyphonic festival, Cambridge.

Free Lunch with the StenchWench at Artsadmin, Toynbee studios

14th June 2016

Preview show of Free Lunch with the StenchWench: A humiliating scrap with growing up skint in flat broke Britain. Charting the drive for survival and fitting in, the StenchWench shares stories of growing up as one of the 'feral underclass' in the 70's and 80's whilst precariously existing in Austerity Britain today.

Free Lunch with the StenchWench at Bloodlines festival, Cockpit theatre

11th June 2016

For three days in June The Cockpit hosts performance and events exploring Family/Antifamily. This 3-day programme hosts performance and events exploring The Family, traditional and otherwise.


Audition Project

1st May 2016

Miss High Leg Kick's Audition Project is an ongoing work which brings together 75 UK-based artists onto the Birmingham Hippodrome stage in a snapshot of the performing arts in 2016.
We will be re-creating the opening audition scene from the 1985 film 'A Chorus Line'. Over the course of a single day we will learn the audition dance on the main stage of the Birmingham Hippodrome. The process will be filmed shot by shot by Richard DeDomenici to match the original film scene.

Workshop leading for artists in residence at Wysing Arts centre

27th April 2016

Leading a workshop in vocality for the 2016 artists in residence and staff members.

These Tender Alms at Buzzcut

7th April 2016

In collboration with Lesley Ewen two wyrdy orphans come together to sing in curious concert. Revisiting, re-vising songs as covers, or revealers of that one flaw called humanity. And in the re-rendering, a hope of acceptance when seen with all our unshackled oddness.

The Last of England

19th March 2016

England in the future: a nightmarish journey through a dark landscape of totalitarianism and despair."  Part documentary, part home movie, Jarman's film diary is a mournful depiction of what he felt was the loss of traditional English culture in Thatcher's Britain and he rails at the sick and merciless society that emerges. Stars Tilda Swinton.

Performances exploring these themes from artists Bird La Bird, Rachael Clerk, Liz Clarke and Catherine Hoffmann.

House of Strange Loops valentine salon at Bethnal Green working mens club

14th Feb 2016

House of Strange Loops take over the Bethnal Green working mens club for a valentine soiree. With Florence Peake they will create the wombmanifesting kitchen with a three course meail including conception soup, placenta pancakes and foetus fettucini.

Hot dates with the Past

12th and 13th Feb 2016

An interactive performance at the Red Lodge, with Tom Marshman and Timberlina exploring the gallery as a dating site as a valentine one off event.

Produced by Bristol museums services and Beacons, Dykons and Ikons.

Free Lunch scratch at Whose London is it Anyway festival at CPT

31 Jan 2016

30 mins scratch performance, part of Big Bang 7 for the Whose London is it Anyway Festival

Tits and Tinsel

9th December 2015

Assisiting Katy Baird with Shagtags for the Live Art Christmas party of the year.

Angus and Rayshal @ Tenderloin

7th Nov 2015

A sneak preview of material for House of Strange Loops with Lesley Ewen. Using audio material from interviews with Rachel Dolezal and Ebony and Ivory.Tenderlion night curated by Steakhouse Live. With Daniel Oliver, Mette Sterre and Edith Woolleye

Love Letters to a (Post) Europe

3rd October 2015

A two day event in Bios with 30 European artists to show a response to the economic situation in Greece and in Europe.My Response: What Happened to The Glory Days?

Rye Cabaret at Lamb House

26th Sep 2015

A cabaret evening at Lamb House, Rye curated by Tim Redfern.15 min slot, excerpts from Glory Days.

Domestic II Festival, Manchester

25th Sep 2015

New material of Free Lunch with The Stench wench shown in a block of flats for Domestic II festival in Manchester.

Produced by Hab Arts and Word of Warning

Elegy at Noordezon Festival, Netherlands

18-28th August 2015

Performing with Lundahl and Seitl for 'Elegy to the medium of film' at Noordezon festival in Groenigen, Holland for ten days.

House of Strange Loops development

20-26th July 2015

House of Strange Loops drag family have a week of development together at The Yard supported by The Jerwood Trust. Directed by Dickie Beau with Angela Clerkin, Lesley Ewen, Rosana Cade, Eilidh McCaskill, Rob Beck and Alethea Raban.

Angus and Diana's Couple Counselling at Latitude

July 17-28th 2015

As part of the Home Live Art Exchange at Latitude Angus and Diana will be couple counselling. In collaboration with Dickie Beau. A new Age juke box of advice and wisdom to help couples on their way.

An audience with Dickie Beau cabaret slot at Latitude Festival

July 17th 2015

As part of an Audience with Dickie Beau 'I will Survive' sung through a plastic bag along with Katy Baird, Lucy McCormick, Rhiannon Styles and Matthew Poxon.

Madame Ex at Coventry Pride 2015

June 27th 2015

Madame Ex's Paint and Taint sessions at Coventry Pride all day at The Fargo Village. Curated by Micheal Mayhew.

A Place in the Sun at Tom Thumb Theatre Margate.

June 26th 2015

A Place in the Sun at The Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate for one night only.

Free Lunch with the Stench Wench at Invention Festival

June 12-13th 2015

Free Lunch with The Stench wench, shown for two nights in an abandoned flat as part of Stanley Halls in Croydon. Part of Invention Festival 2015.

Madame Ex at Holloway Arts Festival

June 7th 2015

Madame Ex's Paint and Taint sessions at Holloway Arts festival for the day.

A place in The Sun at Mayfest

23-14th May 2015

Dramturgical assistant, image and video footahe and creative consultant for Tom Marshman's solo show A Place in the Sun. Shown at Mayfest at the Southbank club in Bristol.

Free Lunch with The Stench Wench at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

May 16th 2015

Excerpts of new material Free Lunch with the stech Wench shown at The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery as part of the Hogarth opening night - 'Bad taste of the Town'.Video excerpts of the Night:

Requiem video part of ReThinking Residencies Ebook

May 2015 onwards

Requiem video by Molly and Me filmed at The Factory of Art and Design in Copenhagen used for The Rethinking Residencies Ebook along with essays written by artists and academics.

Glory Days at Sprint Festival 2015

March 7th 2015

Glory Days premiere at Sprint festival, Camden Peoples Theatre.9pm.

Marrakesh New year retreat

January 13th-20th 2015

Assisting on a week long retreat  for Urban Lifeclass in Marrakech for 12 particpants exploring breathwork and personal development.

Tits and Tinsel appearance

December 16th 2014

Special appearance with Louise Mothersole and Ellie Stamp for Tits and Tinsel Christmas part 2014.

Glory days work in progress at The Marlborough Theatre

November 26th 2014

The Glory Days at The Marlborough Theatre.

First showing of work in progress, 40 mins running time.

Steakhouse live Music night at Artsadmin

November 7th 2014

An evening of musical delight curated by Steakhouse Live. This is a one-off special opportunity to hear fantastic new music from Long Stride Lizzy, Richard DeDomenici, Ellie Stamp, Louise Orwin and myself. At Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios.

Xenolalia with Ron Athey at The Horse Hospital

October 24th 2014

A Vocal, sound and composition night at The Horse HospitalI will be doing a ten mins solo set and a group piece with Ron Athey, Maria Sideri, Sage Charles and Jose Macabra.

Guilt and Shame Hotline at Archway with Words literary festival

October 18th 2014

Gulit and shame hotline

at Archway with Words literary festival.

12-5pm at Archway Market

LADA DIY with Madeleine Botet Lacaze in The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

October 11th-12th 2014

DIY weekend workshop with Madeleine Botet Lacaze at Yorkshire sculpture park.

Glory Days set for Season launch at Marlborough Theatre

October 8th 2014

The Marlborough Theatre Autumn season launch night. I will be painting your ex's portraits and singing some songs from the Torn ligament series. 8pm

Kingsley Hall residency

October 6th - 29th October 2014

Residency at Kingsley Hall. Home of RD Laing and his community for five years and where Ghandi stayed when visiting London. In the 30's it was owned by two pacifist sisters who ran peace projects there.


October 5th, 2014

Urban lifeclass coaching. Assisting on monthly self development and breathwork workshops with David Parker and Dickie Beau. 12-8pm

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