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Images by Holly Revell

Cyst-er Act

A messy, musical ritual - Madame Ovary meets The Devils - probing into reproductive mishaps and monstrosities. 

What is it like to have your fallopian tube hacked off? Or to give birth to a 10lb cyst baby? The realm of the womb can be complex and bloody awesome…

Cyst-er Act is a new work written about Catherine's personal experience of having an ovary removed due to a large cyst that took over her entire stomach, and the discoveries of other women's womb difficulties. It uncovers lost knowledge about women's bodies and how these interior things occur through ovary blues, punk, death metal and some gospel numbers thrown in.

Joined on stage by her 'Poly-Cysters', Sarahjane Grimshaw and Amanda Radix, expect songs, slime, speculums and stripteasing nuns – Welcome to the wonders of the womb.

Supported by Arts Council England, Metal and Ovalhouse.


Her material is raw and her relay of it feels vital and clandestine. 


Farcically serious, the work considers very real questions about women's health and how to integrate mainstream science with holistic medicine.  

Total Theatre

Hoffmann's irreverent humour works well as a juxtaposition to the pain, shame and embarrassment that women still are expected to put up with. 

The Stage

Jan 28, 29 2022

Gender Medicine festival

Kampnagel, Hamburg

Summerhall 2019
13-25th August
Spring tour 2019

Sunday 10th March, 5.30pm 

Quarterhouse Folkestone

Pay what you decide

Saturday 16th March, 4pm

POW! Turner Contemporary Margate

£6 in advance/ £8 cash on the door

Wednesday 3rd April, 7.30pm 

Artsadmin London

£12/£10 concession

Wednesday 10th April, 8pm 

Norwich Arts Centre

Pay what you can afford


Wednesday 17th April, 8pm 

Colchester Arts Centre

Pay what you can afford

Thursday 9th Sep 2018

The Space in Between, Unlimited festival

Southbank centre

7-9th June 2018


Creative team

Concept, writing and performance Catherine Hoffmann       

Performers Sarah Jane Grimshaw and Amanda Radix

Direction and dramaturgy of initial R+D phase Jan Van den Bosch       Witch doctor Tom Marshman

Choreographic assistance Florence Peake

Outside eyes Louise Mothersole, Madeleine Hodge      

Lighting Designer Marty Langthorne

Costume Designer of habits and wimples Jack Goode

Producer Laura Sweeney

Engagement Producer Siobhan McGrath

Photography Holly Revell and Manuel Vason

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