About me

Described as an elemental weather system I create a mixture of interactive one to one performances as well as staged pieces.

My work explores the intersection between performance art, theatre, absurd humour and music. I combine actions, texts, choreography and extended use of the voice in a number of solo and collaborative projects. DIY song making is an integral part of my process.

I was commissioned by METAL and Ovalhouse in 2018 for a new work - Cyst-erAct, A live art musical, which showcased at the Southbank Centre to coincide with Unlimited festival at Sep 6th and has been on tour in Spring 2019.


I will be presenting new work at Giswil International performance Art festival, Switzerland in Sep 2019.

I have been touring Free Lunch with the StenchWench in the UK from March 2017. The preview was at Toynbee studios and was at Common People festival at CPT, Colchester arts centre, Norwich arts centre and more. 

I collaborate with Florence Peake for SEX MUSIC and Wombmanifesting kitchen and with Lesley Ewen for These Tender Alms at Buzzcut and Spill 2017. I was part of the performance collective 'The House of Strange Loops' with Dickie Beau, Angela Clerkin, Rosana Cade, Lesley Ewen and Ivor McCaskill. I am also a member of The Chisenhale artistic community.

 I made Whatever happened to the Glory Days for Sprint Festival and was part of Love Letters to a (post) Europe at Bios in Athens, Artsadmin and Edge Hill alongside Robin Deacon, Tim Etchells, Florence Peake, Brian Lobel, Yoko Tawada and 25 other artists. Texts have been printed in the book To you To you To you Love letters to a post Europe by LADA and Unbound books.

I have made work for Home Live Art, The National Portrait Gallery, Latitude, Charlottenberg in Copenhagen, In Between Time Festival, Archways with Words Literary festival, Knotty festival, Buzzcut, BAC, The Trip Space and The Festival of Love at the South Bank Centre. 

I perform internationally for Lundahl and Seitl -  The Wooran Foundation in Seoul, Korea, Stuk Festival in Belgium, Noorederzon festival,  Holland, Edinburgh Festival British council showcase, Fierce,  and  LIFT festival at The Royal Academy, London. I also recently appeared in Taylor Mac's A 24 hour decade of popular music at the Barbican, part of LIFT festival 2018. I

I was also the other half of music and performance duo Molly and Me for seven years performing in Europe and the UK.

My video TRAMP, created as part of duo Molly and Me was selected for the Re.act Feminism 2 archive tour of European galleries in 2014-15.