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Item List

A Place in the Sun at Tom Thumb Theatre Margate.

June 26th 2015

A dandy minion for Taylor Mac's show at The Barbican

28th-30th June 2018

A human flea circus 3 day residency with the StenchWench LADA DIY hosted by Arc, Stockton

28th - 30th September 2017

A place in The Sun at Mayfest

23-14th May 2015

An audience with Dickie Beau cabaret slot at Latitude Festival

July 17th 2015

An elegy to the medium of film at Wooran foundation, Korea

18th July- 28th July 2016

An extra date for Free Lunch with the Stenchwench at The Wardrobe Theatre

6th June 2017

Angus and Diana's Couple Counselling at Latitude

July 17-28th 2015

Angus and Rayshal @ Tenderloin

7th Nov 2015

Artists talk at Middlesex university

21st Nov 2018

Audition Project

1st May 2016

Awkward Bastards II symposium, The MAC, Birmingham

23rd March 2017

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