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Gynie Hubs

How is our centre of creativity; the womb and ovaries being compromised within a demanding product driven system? Maybe you are going through the menopause, have troublesome periods, hormonal problems or polycystic ovaries?
Or maybe you don’t know what the hell these things are and you want
to find out more. This is a safe space for women to share personal experiences, swap tips and ask for help. 

Gynie hubs are a face to face opportunity to chat in a relaxed space
about your gynae health.The premise is to nuture knowledge and expertise of our bodies and to arm ourselves with information that sadly gets lost or is confusing and more importantly to be listened to.

Gynie Hubs have taken place in:

Folkestone with FolkestoneWomen’s forum

London with the Dalston darlings WI,

Colchester with 360 women's community group

Norwich with 4women group.

These are two hour sessions with an aim to develop the programme
with guest speakers.

The hubs are hosted by myself either to accompany the show
Cyst-er Act
or independently.


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