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Duration:35 mins

(Molly and Me)

A Dadaist music and fitness show combining a series of songs, awkward choreographies and stories.

We sing, talk, dance, hop around and play various instruments lying around. Our voices are fine and feminine but this is where all purity and gracefulness ends. If you pay attention you’ll notice that our lyrics are often ruthless and twisted. Molly and Me humorously describe an odd mixture of light and serious everyday situations such as friendship, love, mass consumption, animals and youth suicide. One catchy tune follows another, spiced up by dialogue. Below our fragile exteriors lies an unsentimental power, expressed physically through rituals and texts. Underneath our dresses, are tight-fitting Lycra coveralls with black and white stripes that are reminiscent of a prisoner’s uniform from years ago. The costume changes play an equally important part in the show. The performance is concurrently fine and raw, fragile and ironic, serious and sarcastic. In TRAMP we have combined the absurd, Dadaist tradition of sound and nonsense poetry with political, satirical undertones, adding a feeling of montage and cabaret to the show with an accessible appeal.



“A truly great performance, full of creative power, sorrow and hope.”                

Hanne Marie Svendsen, author



TRAMP footage is selected for the Re.Act Feminist Performing Archive which toured Galleries in Europe until Aug 2013: The Antoni Tapeis Foundation in Barcelona, The Museum for Contemporary Arts in Roskilde, Denmark, Tallinna Arthouse in Estonia and The Academy for Arts in Berlin, Germany.


“A brilliantly inventive force.”  



Toured Denmark in 2012 with support from Odense city council and The Dansih Arts Council. Presented at Summerhall for the Edinburgh Festival, The Yard Theatre, The Basement, Warehouse 9 for Grrlesque festival.


Slideshow of Tramp images. Double click to expand

Video of Tramp shown at Hygum museum, Copenhagen.
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