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Rooms of the House

A site specific PERFORMANCE


A house is made up of rooms.

In these rooms there are walls.

These boundaries store visual,
aural, vocal, and musical
memories of the past.

The doorways act as portals to the future.


The audience wander through a large house, owned by a man who has one hour to live - His memories are everywhere, in each room, in the cupboards, drawers, books, even inside the walls.


Everywhere you go, you are told about his life through sound, text, video and live performance.

There are 'four rooms', who are the transmitters of these memories, performed by women in their 60's and 70's. They know everything about him and they archive his entire history.

They poke fun at him, gossip and navigate precariously between long term and short term memory, forming some kind of past, the truth we shall never know.


The text is written as music, starting as a litany and continuing as a deluge of conversation. This is orchestrated and deconstructed, playing with rhythm, tempo, volume and mood. Created into a soundscape coming from different sources in the rooms.


Directed by Catherine Hoffmann

Designed by Gordon Aldred

Text by Barry Fantoni

Composer/Sound Design: Lewis Gibson

Composer/musician: Alfredo Genovesi

Performers: Faith Brooks, Su Douglas, Angela Saul, Jessica Barnes

Voice: Fergus O'Kelly


Funded by Lambeth Arts

Film version of Rooms of the House. Running time 6 mins 50
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