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Requiem 21 2012

Duration: 20 mins


A vocal and choreographic piece.

Texts are set to music, liturgical poems, meditations, and simple choral passages. Forceful rhythms and broad melodies sung a cappella interspersed with physical rites and dances.

We say goodbye to what has been lost, year after year.


A musical journey citing personal, and cultural phenomena looking back and saying goodbye to the dead souls, the forgotten dreams and past values that have been lost in the last twelve years.


Friends, lovers, places, ideas, objects and technology; everyday life and the twists and turns of relationships within our secular society are presented..



Developed at Fabrikken as part of the CPH AIR International residency scheme at The Nightingale Theatre, The Yard and funded by Arts Council England, Danish Arts council.


Requiem 2013

Duration: 25 mins


A text and music piece investigating loss using audio interviews source material with our families in the UK and Denmark. The words from our mums, dads and  grandma's are captured with an attempt to be embodied as well as sung.



What loss keeps you awake at night?

What did you lose yesterday?

When have you been lost for words?

What it your biggest loss?

What do you keep on losing again and again?

Is there a loss that you would never mention?

Which loss leaves you with a sigh of relief?




Developed at BAC with Stuart Silver, funded by Arts Council England and Danish Arts council,.

Performed at BAC, Fabrikken and Charlottenburg, Copenhagen.





     Requiem and Requiem 21

(Molly and Me)

Two vocal pieces created in collaboration

with Molly Haslund

Extracts from Requiem at Fabrikken, Copenhagen 2013.

Duration 5 mins 58

Extracts from Requiem 21 at The Yard Theatre, London.
Duration: 3mins 39
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