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Madame Ex's Paint and Taint sessions

Interactive one to one performance


In a playful exploration of loves lost and letting go sit with portrait painter, come psyche surgeon Madame Ex and share the foibles of your ex, maybe even the virtues. She will channel their portrait from your lurid description. 

With a spin of a wheel the messy fate of your Ex's portrait will be decided - will it be hung up to dry or bucket and bombed? 

This farewell ritual will be completed with a ceremonial sing a long of a classic break up song for everyone to join in with.

This piece has toured with Home Live Art's Alternative Fete for various festivals and events in the UK as well as:

Holloway Arts festival 2016

Coventry Pride, cureated by Michael Mayhew 2015

Hackney Wicked, 2014

Shuffle festival, St Clements social club, curated by Danny Boyle, 2013

Pink Fringe picnic, Brighton in collaboration with The Basement, 2013

Latitude Festival, 2012 and 2013

In Between Time Festival, Bristol, 2013

Flint Micro festival, Wiltshire, Nov 2012

Supper Club, The Basement, Oct 2012

South Bank centre, Watch this space festival, 2012

Mayhem in the Market, Goole Market 2012

White Night, Brighton, 2011


This eloquent work is a playful exploration of loves lost, pain of the memories and letting go. In a one to one encounter with Madame Ex, audience members delve as deep as they wish into reminiscences of failed loves. With Hoffmann's deft touch, Madame Ex becomes counsel for those baring their souls or comedic sidekick for those wishing to keep it light.

The inherent humour provides a counterbalance to the potential violence of such feelings, hinted at by the blood red paint of the portraits and the ensuing resemblance of Madame Ex!s painter!s smock to a butcher!s apron.

Whilst a portrait is painted according to the individual's description, an organic camaraderie builds as spectators gather to observe the ritual demise of the ex lover!s image. This is left to an ingenious spin of a wheel - will it be pelted by over ripe tomatoes or suffer the paper shredder? A ceremonial mass singing of a classic break up song completes the cathartic experience.

Mimi Banks, Director of Home Live Art

Gallery of some of the Ex's

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