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La Cabbage de Chanson

Duration: 20 mins


A New Media Scotland commission for a cabaret night ’Fool Me’ in Glasgow. Performed in the Shunt vaults for four nights and BAC’s David Lynch weekend September 2009, The Moth Ball at St Georges Tavern with John Cooper Clark and Paper cinema, also at Pheonix arts centre, White night event, Brighton.


La Cab-bage de Chanson ventures into the world of bungled magic acts, séance, stand-up and vaudeville to catch a glimpse of the precarious thread between life, hope and mortality.


This absurd act plays unpredictably with a masculine persona - the host; a vacuous ego, postulating, sleazy, decked in a garish blue suit and wearing the wrong gold shoes. 

The host slips in and out of spirit singing strange hymn like songs, tapping rhythms on bowls, tap dancing and conjuring up voices interspersed with the ridiculous story of being stuck in a ditch and his own decay.


As it proceeds the transformation into the ‘Cab-bage De Chanson’ is made.

Slideshow of La Cabbage de Chanson images take at The Shunt vaults. Double click on image to expand.
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