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The House of Strange Loops



The House of Strange loops is an anarcho- syndichalist female drag family originally set up by Dickie Beau.

Its mission is to provide a nurturing hub for queer artists, in the belief that greater wellbeing will lead to greater work. The vision is to become a touring performance collective and queer-feminist arts festival in one package.

The collective emerged from a workshop Dickie conducted at the National Theatre Studio as part of the Live Art Development Agency's DIY scheme, and also the result of Dickie's experiments in the formation of a Company. The aim of the DIY workshop was to construct a drag family identity for a group of artists, and individual alter-egos within the family dynamic for each participant.

THE HOUSE OF STRANGE LOOPS has gradually been evolving since its formation and has begun making performance work as an interdependent Collective.


The collective are in the process of refining their vision with the aim of taking their work on the road in 2016. Watch this space...

As a self-contained micro-festival and performance troupe, the proposed menu of activity will include:

Solo and group performances



Talks and discussions

Sound and video installations


Core Members: Lesley Ewen, Dickie Beau, Angela Clerkin, EIlidh McCaskill, Rosana Cade, Poly Amoury, Alethea Raban.

Photographer: Alethea Raban

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