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Guilt and Shame Hotline

An interactive one to one performance.


There's a hotline. It's for your stories. If you're brave, go into the booth, spill the beans and wear the bag of shame. Are you sufficiently repentant? Do you need the Bottle of the Tears of repentance, or the Megaphone of Renunciation?

Participants are taken through a ritual of shame and guilt purging to cater for individual needs. They record their story into the guilt and shame answer machine for a reward from the hotline's other end.....

All of these collected stories will be used for the Guilt and shame songbook


First performed at Winns Gallery, Archway with Words Literary festival and Latitude festival 2014 at the Home Live Art Alternative village fete and was highlighted by Lyn Gardner as one of the

'low-key theatrical treats of Latitude.'





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