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Supported by the Basement, The Nightingale, BAC and funded by The Arts Council.

Glory  Days

What ties us together and how do we connect? How do we heal ourselves when something breaks?

GLORY DAYS are a collection of recorded interviews with individuals talking about their ex's, love and loss. 

These words are sung, spluttered, lightly uttered and uncovered. 

The role of language and voice is scrutinized, mental processes and rituals are exposed, in an attempt to celebrate the collective wounds we all carry.

A bit like a warped musical, it will be messy, ridiculous and emotionally engaging.

Catherine will, dance upside down and whirl feverishly. When the fat ape sings it is all over.

Sprint Festival 2015, CPT.


Dramaturgical assistance: Lesley Ewen

Ouside eye: Tom Marshman








Images by Ludovic des Cognets

3 mins edit of Glory Days. Filmed by Tim Newton

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