Free Lunch with the Stench Wench

Excerpts from Free Lunch with the StenchWench, Artsdamin 2016

A  solo show exploring the personal and shared experiences of growing up as one of the ‘feral underclass’ in relation to today’s ‘Austerity Britain’. Fleas, cheap clothes, thrifty bread, cold baths, and debauched disadvantaged dancing will be unleashed as I chart the drive for survival and fitting in.

Stories and songs about how to get by will be shared whilst I attempt to overcome the shame of bareness and celebrate our spirit of community and hope.

A one woman flea circus doled up with faded glory, austerity pants, mouldy scones and hot chocolate.

Supported by The Arts council England, The Bike shed, Kingsley hall

A development following on from showings at Domestic Festival, Salford, presented by Word of Warning and The Guinness Partnership.


The full show previewed at Toynbee studios, Artsadmin on June 14th 2016.

Also shown at Beyond Bloodlines festival at The Cockpit, 11th June. 7.30pm

It went on to tour UK theatres and art centres throughout 2017.