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Falling Underground



A vibrant mix of live music, film, text, choreography and puppets morph in and out to create an environment which swings from the comically absurd to the menacingly foreboding. 


Delving into the murky depths of a woman subverted, the audience follow her solitary journey as she travels through the city at night stealing bits of garden to create a new space in her flat, obsessively bringing the outside in. 


The show takes a look at modern identity crisis, how we are striving to progress and trying to make sense out of everything. It explores the human condition – who are we? Looking for light in the dark, trying to grow and learning to be better. Each activity of planting, growing and building, each layer, reveals a different aspect of the self. 


Directorial assistance: Lewis Gibson

Live music: Alfredo Gneovesi

design: Rebecca Child

Film: Kevin Jarvis


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