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Earth Angel


A visual poem using live performance, video projection and live music.

Duration: 70mins

I have lost life and somehow need to regain it. This all takes place in a bed of soil that I never leave, composed of the rotting bodies of plants and animals - Birth, death, and regeneration are lines of enquiry in this solo show.
blood - soil - milk


The merging of the conscious and the unconscious mind is broken down revealing dreams, nightmares, and distorted aspects of the self. Eventually the dream world takes over and a transformation occurs. 


Being completely in darkness leaves the rest of the world behind.

Eyes are quietly redundant as something else takes over.

Day dreaming and night dreaming point the way, hopefully out the other side.

Besides even when the light is on it is the shadows which plague our minds.


Funded by The Arts council

Live music by Alfredo Genovesi

Directorial assistance by Julia Bardsley

Lighting by Helen Morley



"Hoffmann is a compelling physical performer, and all the elements work in harmony... there are moments of grotesque humour (cotton - wadded babies emerging from ripped pillows; an ever growing collection of stinky milk bottles discovered around the bed) and surrealist investigation".

Total Theatre


"Lovely... Hoffmann's multimedia stage poem evokes the joy of effacing oneself; of escaping the self into something bigger and more lasting than all of us".

Time out


"Entranced...very bold show that treads a line between dark dread and absurd comedy".

Whats On



Video of Earth Angel extracts. 11mins.
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